11 Hardest Riddles With Answers. Can You Solve Them?


11 hardest riddles with answers : Being a big fan of riddles, I propose in this post a series of 13 difficult riddles! Would you be able to find the solution to these 13 riddles?

Hardest Riddles


hardest riddles diamond

You must find the fake in a lot of 9 diamonds. You know it’s lighter than the others. You have a balance scale, and you are allowed only two weighs.

What is the solution to find the fake diamond among the 9?

The Noise

hardest riddle noise

At first I come quietly, I come without thinking about it, I die in my birth and the one who follows me never comes quietly.

The breakfast

When I eat, I grow and when I drink, I die, who am I?

Decimal number

What 3-digit number will give you the same answer if you subtract 5 or divide by 5?

Always first

Always the first, never the last,
Nothing without him is ever finished,
Because nothing can begin without him.

Who is he?


hardest riddles birthday

Maggie was 20 the day before yesterday. Next year she’ll be 23. How is that possible?

A light bulb and the switch

hardest riddles light bulb

In one room there are 3 light bulbs, in another room there are 3 switches. How do you know which switches turn on which light bulbs, knowing that you can only go and look once in the room.


I speak all languages and my head is always upside down.

Who am I?

Reverse Number

What number reverses when multiplied by 9?

Day of the Week

hardest riddles day of week

It’s not the day after Monday or the day before Thursday. Tomorrow is not Sunday and it was not Sunday yesterday, while the day after tomorrow is not Saturday and the day before yesterday was not Wednesday.
What day is today?


hardest riddles ocean

I was born in the water, I live in the water, but once out of the water, if it touches me again, I disappear.
Who am I?

I hope you enjoyed solving these various difficult riddles. Feel free to tell me in comments if you want me to suggest articles like this!

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