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best cpu for rtx 3080

Trying to find the best CPU for RTX 3080?

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The RTX 3080 is the new modern and latest generation CPU, but the royalty is maintained (RTX 3090). RTX 3080 is the most popular PC model for gaming and web working as it is a gaming machine, so it requires a solid and powerful CPU for fast working that can work synchronously. You need to upgrade your system because the RTX 3080 needs a strong PSU. Now, we’ve created a list highlighting the finest CPUs to couple with the RTX 3080. It incorporates lead models but too many moderately budget choices. 

We will discuss the Best CPU for RTX 3080 of the most leading companies like Intel and AMD, and the products will be compatible with the RTX 3080 to maintain its working capacity and efficiency. All of the CPUs hold maximum cores, have the lowest jitter, and efficiently perform all the functions. 

The Best CPU for RTX 3080 – Comparison Table

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Product Reviews – The Best CPU for RTX 3080

These CPUs are the standard systems for gaming at 1080 pixels and 1440 pixels. Nvidia systems work anonymously at 60 additional FPS with a standard 4320K resolution. Subsequently, these CPUs have higher transfer speed and reviving rates for a great gaming experience. We mentioned the Best CPUs for RTX 3080 that will force you to buy a new processor.

Moreover, all the CPUs we will discuss in our article have the talent to actively work in 4K gaming. 

Let’s review this article to check the best CPUs included in the list.

  1. Overall Best: Intel Core i9-12900K
  2. AMD’s superstar:  AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  3. Best affordable Intel: Intel Core i9-10900K

Intel Core i9-12900K – Best CPU for RTX 3080

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If you are wandering around to look for a good CPU machine for your RTX 3080, then the Intel Core i9 12900K is the best option as it offers an efficient working capacity. This latest Core i9 wins over the 5900X and 5950X in bearing any workload. The 5950X is the best processor for many applications, but we cannot compare it with the latest Intel Core i9 12900K. This new processor machine is best for gaming purposes and gives you the best gaming experience of your life. This CPU is the cheaper one and gives you the full features which a company can offer in a CPU.

Key Features

  • Intel Core i9 12900K is a mixture of many new features and a completely new model. Intel has always surprised us with its product segment, but they are offering two cores in a single machine processor for the first time. The new 12900K processor provides a clock speed of 5.0 and turbo of 3.0. The system has 24 threads in a process typically based on E-Cores and P-Cores.
  • In the middle stage of its core completion, the flagship of Intel Core i9 12900K is used to couple the Golden Cove activity processor with the eight “Grace Mont” cores with a chip-like design system.
  • Core i9 12900K consists of almost 16 new cores that are not like the cores available in the industry previously. Intel has separated these cores into eight specific recent activity processing cores. These activity cores are like the CPU class processors and have more efficiency in performing multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Intel is also presenting a memory backup for the first time named DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. This new memory support requires a new motherboard for Intel Core i9 12900K. It would help if you had new chipsets and sockets for this 12900K processor as it is a large one.


  • Can easily bear workloads
  • Offers multiple features than the previous CPUs
  • Compatible with 3080 RTX processor.
  • High-efficiency processor


  • Unable to work with old processors
  • Relatively expensive than other CPUs

Final Verdict

Intel Core i9 12900K is a modern technology that works efficiently and performs multiple tasks. This processor is best for the 4K gaming experience. It offers many key features that will force you to upgrade your system with this model. It has multiple cores that work smoothly and is based on P and E cores. 

Intel Core i9 12900K Review

AMD Ryzen 9 5950XBest Value AMD

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AMD is deleting the clean lines between standard desktop CPUs and so-called classy and expensive (HEDT) ones, much obliged to more powerful and robust chips just like the stellar 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X. It is one of the Best CPUs for RTX 3080. Compare it to Intel’s closest choices, such as the Center i9 processor’s extreme version and others within the unequivocally expensive, unquestionably HEDT Core X-Series, and the esteem challenge isn’t indeed close. Within the center wars at the rear of 2022, AMD’s standard cannot be beaten by any random CPUs.

Key features

  • The AMD 9 5950X is a 16-core processor with almost 32 threads, can only rest at the HEDT verge point. But the company manufactures these modern CPUs with enormous features.
  • However, this AMD Ryzen 9 5959X needs a complete socket and B350 chipsets to work efficiently up to X570. This CPU is compatible with many sockets like AM4.
  • The Ryzen 9 5950X has a base clock that ranges from 3.5Ghz to 3.4GHz. The boost speed for the CPU processor falls from 4.7GHz to 4.9 GHz.


  • It has a cooling processor for a smooth working experience.
  • This modern technology costs same as that of previous processors but with multiple new features.
  • Compatible with many systems like RTX 3080.


  • Relatively low chip graphics

Final Verdict

In our efficiency suite, the Ryzen 9 5950X in the 7-zip compression file sets new standards and sparkles on its own and indeed beats out third-generation Ryzen Thread-rippers. This makes it a much better choice for beginner content makers who need a part of control for their efficiency errands but may not need to create the more significant monetary dive requested by Thread-ripper proprietors.

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Review

Intel Core i9-10900K – Best affordable Intel

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The Intel Core i9 10900K is the most powerful CPU machine. Its features are very advanced and updated with the latest new technologies. It has a great temperature controlling processor that helps you experience a smooth gaming experience. This CPU is also known as gaming beast CPU. You can easily play games at high speed with excellent graphics. This CPU has a hyperthreading system that assists it in performing multiple tasks. Intel Core i9 10900K has many new features like high-speed technology and virtualization technology.

Key Features

  • The 10900K Intel CPU has a base frequency of almost 3.7GHz, and it offers an excellent turbo boost of 2.0 to run cores of 4.8Ghz. But this CPU can also run two other cores at a boost turbo of 5.20GHz. It has a chipset of TDP 125W, and it consumes almost double power.
  • You’ll see way better gaming execution in Core i9 10900K over the board at 1080p, and 1440p resolutions, with minor pick up at 4K. The 10900K reliably conveys up to 10%-way better outline rates than the 3900X at 1080p, which start decreasing to 7% at 1440p.
  • Intel Core i9 10900K consumes power at high rates because it has a TDP of 125W. This processor support DDR 4 channel interface. The CPU works at a speed of 2933 MHz, but it can also support more high-speed memories. 10900K uses PCIe generation 3 to communicate with other components.


  • Can support high-speed memory
  • Inexpensive


  • Do not have any cooling system

Final Verdict

This intel CPU processor has many SKUs in the S-series, and it is because the designs are available in many forms and flavors. Intel is attracting many new clients with their new modern Core i9 10900K generation CPU. The CPU is relatively inexpensive and provides many new features. The intel 10900K gives 160 FPS with the processor of RTX 3090, while with RTX 3080, it gives 140 FPS. It’s all because of the high clock speed and hyperthreading capacities.

Intel Core i9-10900K Review

Final Thoughts

Intel and AMD are on the right track of giving the Best CPUs for RTX 3080. Their history advocated their trials for giving one on one best forms of their processors. An appropriate combination of processor and PC is vital as they bolster each other equally. If you have got a PC with all the notable highlights, its CPU must be extraordinary to realize astounding comes about. 

AMD shows up with multi-threading, whereas Intel CPUs show up with hyper-threading. Both have their places and provide real-world gaming and working experiences quickly. We have drawn clear determination criteria for the best CPU for 3080 so that you can use the desirable one.

Thank you for reading this article on the best CPU for RTX 3080.

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