The Best Motherboard for RTX 3070 to Buy in 2023

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best motherboard for rtx 3070

Are you searching for an efficient motherboard to upgrade your computer? Unsure which motherboard will fit your shinny RTX 3070 graphics card?

No Time to Waste? Here’s My #1 Favorite

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The main idea to redesign the computer system is to give it a boost and a reasonable future-proofing to effectively handle both gaming and other high-power tasks on an affordable budget.

Here’s the best part, 

We are presented with this complete guide about the best motherboards for RTX 3070 based on their processor capabilities, storage, RAM, and CPU power. Plus, if you are looking for cost-effective options or want to opt for higher-grade components for a specific feature, then continue reading.

By the end of this guide, you will know which brands manufacture high-quality motherboards for RTX 3070 and how you choose the best one for your PC.

So, let’s dive straight into it.

The Best Motherboard for RTX 3070 – Comparison Table

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Product Reviews – The Best Motherboard for RTX 3070

Motherboards are the power hub of the computer and are responsible for efficient and rapid functioning. Here’s the list of 3 top motherboards tested and examined by our analysts to guide you in a better way.

  1. Overall Best: ASUS ROG Strix B450-F 
  2. Best Elite Gaming Performance: ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus
  3. Best Smooth Gaming: MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE 

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F – Best Motherboard for RTX 3070

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ROG ( Republic of Gamers) is dedicated to providing consumers with the best gaming software and hardware. Among all, Strix B450-F is the most robust and innovative design they have introduced in terms of quality and performance.

With the Strix B450-F, you can experience the next-level gaming performance with the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen and highly efficient AM4 processors. By unlocking the system’s potential with the effective 5-way cooling mechanism to keep it down and active.

Key Features

With the exclusive and enabled AI Suite 3, you can level up the performance of your motherboard. Enjoy gaming as much as you want with brilliant and fascinating thrills. It is equipped with a dashboard-style controlling system that enables you to adjust the gaming options according to your system.

Through an intuitive and straightforward interface, the manufacturers have focused on providing an equal balance of high performance, quality, stability, cooling mechanism, and efficiency in a single motherboard.

Furthermore, the Strix B450-F is installed with the most comprehensive cooling mechanism ever. It can be configured with UEFI BIOS or Fan Xpert 4 on board to support auto-detection of DC fans or PWM. Also, it has a DC header for self-contained water cooling systems.

What makes it stand out?

Due to the utilization of the S1220A codec, SupremeFX audio solution that makers have provided with this motherboard. It is engineered to offer a flat response of frequency for detailed and neutral sound signatures. And to make sure the immaculate signature is preserved perfectly, the front-facing panel is equipped with dual op-amps to create sonics scale and the ability to create virtual worlds in your gaming headphones.

Moreover, the design and customization of the motherboard offer the most diverse range of options. With the help of this motherboard, personalizing the board has become so effortless.

The heatsink of the unit consists of sleek cuts with a cyber-text pattern that is fused with various gaming patterns to create a unique identity of generations. You can swap it with a PCH sticker design if you are looking for a subtle look.


  • Rapid and high performance.
  • Durable and high quality.


  • No wireless connectivity.
  • Heatsink for M.2 drives absent.

Final Verdict

The ROG Strix B450-F is easy to install and stable motherboard for RTX 3070. If you are a game lover, then this motherboard is the perfect value for your money. You can easily fiddle with the hardware to boost your gaming experience. 

However, some gamers might need extra headroom for powerful voltage regulator modules (VRM) and overclocking. You might need to reconsider disabling the 5 and 6 SATA ports if you use all 6 ports and both M.2 drives.

Asus ROG Strix B450-F Review

ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus for Elite Gaming Performance

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ASUS TUF Gaming Plus gives a total, elite presentation gaming bundle with an insignificant rundown of highlights to work on your practice, like boosting ultrafast organizing for uninterrupted interactivity, original sound with positional signs for games in FPS. It has adjustable lighting RGB along with joined accomplices to accompany you in a better playing experience.

Key Features

As part of the ASUS TUF Gaming Plus, components and cases are designed to ensure optimal compatibility and complementarity. The dynamic chipset, M.2, and VRM heatsink crossbreed fans are enough to level up your adventure. It has synchronized LED lighting with a tremendous arrangement of viable PC gear, including transferrable RGB strips.

Its pristine sound quality and a phenomenal proportion of sound systems offer powerful audio for gamers. In addition to an improved power solution, this version also has a 6-layer PCB, ProCool attachments, and military-grade TUF parts for extreme durability.


  • Developed memory solidness and an amazing gaming display.
  • Lower memory latencies are possible at identical voltages.
  • Chipset active cooling.


  • Absence of usable PCIe x1 port with all PCIe x16 ports populated.
  • No front board USB 3.1 Gen2 port.

Final Verdict

TUF Gaming series extracts fundamental components of the most recent Intel and AMD stages, joins them with game-prepared elements, and demonstrates toughness. It is designed with military-grade parts, an updated power arrangement, and an exhaustive arrangement of cooling choices that makes this motherboard capable of conveying unshakable and firm execution with relentless gaming dependability.

ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus Review

MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE – Gaming Motherboard for Smooth Gaming

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The MSI MEG Z490 Godlike motherboard possesses extraordinary hotness dispersal, overclocking capacities, and flexible availability. Probably the best MSI motherboard you can find for your PC is this one.

It will be compatible with the latest tenth-generation Intel Core processors, featuring a Socket LGA 1200 and Intel Z490 chipset. 

What’s more?

There are 4 DIMM slots on the board, each taking up to 128GB of Dual-Channel DDR4 RAM. 

Key Features

Illustrations are supported by the MSI MEG Z490, including the 2-Way NVIDIA SLI and 3-Way AMD CrossFire arrangements so that you can play the most recent games with the highest settings possible.

It includes two M.2 slots and two shields Frozr on each side, which keeps the temperature under control and guarantees predictable performance. Introducing the latest NVMe SSDs will help you to move information quickly. 

Another region that the MSI Z490 dominates is the network. It offers accessibility by using 2 Ethernet and 2 WiFi receiving wire jacks, guaranteeing you have an ideal systems administration experience. 

Also, the motherboard has an assortment of USB ports to interface your USB-upheld peripherals, including multiple connectivity options for USBs and thunderbolt, which moves at a rate of up to 40 Gbps, which is basically crazy. 

With the Socket LGA 1200 and the Intel Z490 chipset, MSI MEG Z490 expands ATX structure factors. A double M.2 with shield frozen, four DIMM DDR4 slots, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, four USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, two USB 2.0, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and LAN ports plus WiFi-AP radio wire jacks. 


  • Compatible with the latest Intel Core processors.
  • Spectacular overclocking execution.
  • Thunderbolt 3 accessible.
  • Brilliant cooling framework.
  • 128GB DDR4 RAM capable framework.


  • Less impressive in gaming.
  • Comparatively expensive than others.

Final Verdict

MSI planned the MEG Z490 Godlike with 16 90A power stages cooled by two aluminum heatsinks and a hotness pipe. One of these heatsinks is undoubtedly effectively cooled by a fan set under the back I/O cover. The encompassing equipment compels wind current all through this space.

Additionally, the underside of the motherboard is covered by an enormous metal backplate that gives the board added underlying uprightness and assists with cooling this side of the board. It is definitely worth buying.


Final Thoughts

The RTX 3070 is a PCIe 4.0 card, and these motherboards can uphold two of them with SLI ability. They contain the actual room needed to introduce an RTX 3070. Typically, the format permits space for 2 M.2 SSDs. Even though some motherboards offer 3 M.2 SSD openings, yet it’s anything but a significant issue. 

Moreover, the heatsinks for the M.2 drives and AM4 attachments make these motherboards purchase the most ideal and robust decisions. Our top three motherboard picks are ASUS ROG Strix B450, ASUS Tuf gaming plus, and MSI MEG GODLIKE gaming motherboard. Undoubtedly, they are the best motherboards for RTX 3070 that can enhance your gaming adventure and make you feel actually in a gaming zone.

Thank you for reading this article on the best motherboard for RTX 3070.

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