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best printer for canvas

Looking for the best printer for Canvas in 2021?

Stop searching; this is the right guide for you!

In this review, You’ll find below the winners of the test, complete with reviews, technicals specs, and pros & cons. 

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Not all printers are made alike, and this is especially true of those built for reproducing on canvas. Canvas has a GSM, or Grams per Square Meter, somewhere between 280 and 430, which implies it is significantly heavier than normal printing sheets, which are much finer. Using the incorrect printer on canvases can not only harm the quality of your prints, but it will also endanger the machine by blunting the cuts and causing the engine to burn out. Having the best canvas printer at home allows you to express yourself creatively by printing canvas photos with particular embellishments you’d only think of creating yourself. However, not all printers are capable of printing on canvas.

The Best Printer for Canvas – Comparison Table

When I need more options than the best choice, I usually like to have a comparison table of several products.

See how these 4 great canvas printers compare on key features:

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The Best Printer for Canvas – Product Reviews

The Best Budget Canvas Printer: Canon IP8720 Wireless

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Considered as one of the best printers for canvas the Canon Pixma iP8720 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer has one crucial feature that sets it apart from the competition. The Canon iX6820’s five-color ink system (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and picture black) prints photograph well, but it’s still primarily intended for commercial usage. Gray ink is added to the iP8720, allowing it to produce considerably better-looking black-and-white photographs. It also transforms the iP8720 into a near-dedicated picture printer, earning it an Editors’ Pick for photo lovers on a budget.

Canon IP8720 Wireless – Features

  • Print your favorite photographs up to 13 inches x 19 inches instead of the standard 8 inches x 10 inches.
  • With a six-color ink system, featuring gray ink, and optimum color dots per inch of 9600 x 2400, your black-and-white and color photographs will have outstanding quality and detail. Noise level: 43.5 decibels (A).
  • Print wirelessly from any computer with a Wi-Fi connection in the house; Sizes of ink droplets: 1, 2, and 5.
  • Ink Compatibility: PGI 250 Pigment Black XL, CLI 251 Magenta XL, CLI 251 Cyan XL,  CLI 251 Yellow XL, CLI 251 Black XL, CLI 251 Gray XL, PGI 250 Pigment Black, CLI 251 Magenta,  CLI 251 Cyan, CLI 251 Yellow, CLI 251 Gray, CLI 251 Black
Canon IP8720 Wireless Review



  • For relatively serious picture lovers, this is a low-cost printer.
  • Up to 13 by 19-inch prints are available.
  • It’s possible to print on printable optical discs.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless PictBridge.
  • Only a solitary paper tray with a capacity of 150 sheets is available.
  • PictBridge is not supported via a USB connection.

The Best mid-range Canvas Printer: Epson Artisan 1430

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Epson includes a full set of six separate ink tanks with the Artisan 1430: black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, and light magenta (Figure 1). Epson Claria Hi-Definition inks with enhanced smear, abrasion, and water resistance are used. A short test of the inks’ smear and water resistance revealed that they live up to their claims: water didn’t smear even on gloss paper, and it needed a lot more pressure than typical to notice any smudging difficulties. While the 1430 is the cheapest 13-inch printer on the marketplace, it has enough capabilities to be a valuable addition to any modern photographer’s studio, particularly for those who print rarely that is why it is considered as one of the best printers for canvas

Epson Artisan 1430 – Features

  • Borderless, high-definition pictures up to 13″ x 19″
  • Wi-Fi printing is possible.
  • Claria ink, 6-color.
  • Printing on CDs and DVDs; Refer to the user handbook under the technical specifications section.
  • No computer is required to print and distribute from your phone, iPhone, tablet, or other mobile devices.
Epson Artisan 1430 Review



  • The photo replication of the printer is excellent.
  • There are still a variety of connection options available.
  • For a Wide-Format Printer, it is extremely compact.
  • Printing is quite slow.
  • The output on plain paper is mediocre at best.
  • High Potential Operating Costs

The Best canvas printer: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300

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The picture of Canon the Prograf Pro-300 is a borderless photographic and graphics arts printer that can print on paper up to super tabloid or A3+, 13 by 19 inches, and banners up to 39 inches long. The Pro-300 takes the place of the Pro-100, which we evaluated in early 2013. The operating expenses of the Pro-300 are significantly lower than those of the P700 which makes it one of the best canvas printers. It produces fantastic-looking grayscale pictures, graphics, and photos, much like other Canon Pro-grade photo printers. It’s a strong competitor if you shouldn’t need to print ultra-long banners. The Pro-300 can handle banner-size cut sheets up to 39 inches long, which is plenty for most posters, banners, and panoramic print projects.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 – Features

  • With the imagePROGRAF PRO-300 premium inkjet photo and artistic printer, you can take total creative control over your photos and bring them to life.
  • EASY TO USE – with the Nozzle Recovery System and Skew Adjustment, you’ll get the most out of your machine.
  • With a smaller footprint and superior picture quality, efficiency, and workflow, the PRO-300 allows you to continuously provide the results your photographs deserve.
  • 9-color ink system with Chroma Optimizer—created to satisfy the needs of all photographers, from advanced beginners to pros.
  • With the 3.0″ COLOR LCD MONITOR, you can easily monitor ink levels, printer status, and other settings.



  • The printing quality is outstanding.
  • Banner up to 39 inches long can be printed.
  • Inexpensive inks.
  • Matte Black ink produces richer blacks and excellent grayscale results.
  • Switching from black to white ink is done automatically.
  • Detection of nozzle clogs automatically.
  • There isn’t any support for paper rolls.
  • The purchase price is rather high.

The Best Cheap Printer for Canvas: Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

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The Epson Expression is an excellent alternative for photographers who want to improve their print capacities without increasing their credit card debt. While there are some photographic quality flaws when compared to high-end printers, it’s remarkable what this device can achieve for the money, which is why it is considered as one of the best printers for canvas. Color prints on the Expression are vivid and sharp, and this performance is retained generally throughout all size sizes. The XP-15000 is a dye ink printer that has grey and red inks in addition to the standard CMYK mix. This, along with the ability to print on A3+ paper (13′′ x 19′′) and custom paper sizes up to 13′′ x 44′′, elevates it above the usual ‘small office’ printer.

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 – Features

  • This printer is only compatible with Epson cartridges and ink, not third-party ink or cartridges.
  • Get stunning borderless prints up to 13 inches X 19 inches in excellent super HD picture quality.
  • Red and gray inks are included in each Claria picture HD ink for an extremely broad color gamut and improved black and white prints.
  • Projects for professionals: A 50-sheet back tray for special media, such as paper, is included with Made Easy.
  • It’s a 30 percent shorter wide-format A3+ printer than its counterpart.
  • With a 200-sheet front tray and efficient printing capabilities, you can print two-sided documents automatically.
  • With Dash Replenishment, you’ll never run out of ink again.



  • Provides photo quality that is comparable to that of a professional super HD camera.
  • A 50-sheet rear-tray for specialized media is included.
  • Auto 2-sided document printing is supported by printing characteristics.
  • Nothing special

The Best Quality/Price Ratio: Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless

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The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is the cheapest quality photo printer in Canon’s portfolio, but that doesn’t mean it’s low on quality. The quality and reliability, feature set, and print performance were above entry-level, and it packs a lot of weight for the money. It’s impossible to discuss the PIXMA Pro-100’s design without first addressing the printer’s size. The PIXMA Pro-100 measures 15.2 x 27.2 x 8.5 inches and weighs a whopping 43.2 pounds. On the gadget, there are only three buttons: power, paper feed, and a special WPS button for fast Wi-Fi connectivity.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless – Features

  • 8 dye-based inks for incredible gradients and color, including 3 specialized grayscale inks for stunning black-and-white prints.
  • By rationally picking the best ink mix and location, the Optimum Image Producing System replicates colors exactly as you intended.
  • Individual CLI 42 ink tanks are compatible (Black, gray, light gray, cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, yellow). On value bundles, you may save even more.
  • For amazing detail, 4800 x 2400 dots per inch with precise techniques are used. Print professional-quality photographs up to 13 inches x 19 inches on a variety of surfaces.
  • In the bullet point, the weight is 43.2. The total number of nozzles is 6,144. The total number of nozzles is 6144, with 768 per color.



  • For a near-dedicated picture printer, it’s reasonably priced.
  • Produces photographs that are worthy of being shown in a gallery.
  • It is reasonably quick.
  • There is no SD card slot.
  • There is no display.
  • Massive construction

Epson SureColor P400 Wireless

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The Epson SureColor P400 is a near-dedicated picture printing that will make your household photos pop when framed and hung on your wall. It can print these photos at a reasonable speed, which is quite remarkable considering the accuracy of the representation. The Epson SureColor P400 Photo Printers place a greater emphasis on print quality than speed, as should near-dedicated picture printers, but the P400 is still a rapid printing. Based on the scale of the photo, creating on fine art or paper takes approximately 2 minutes, which is significantly quicker than most other Epson printers.

Epson SureColor P400 Wireless – Features

  • Printing that is both creative and sophisticated
  • For creative professionals, the flexible 13-inch wide-format photographic printer is ideal.
  • Printing on fine art, photographic, and roll paper. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 75, as well as Apple OS X 10.11.x, 10.10.x, 10.9.x, 10.8.x, and 10.7.x5.
  • Temperature range: 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C)



  • The photo quality is often great.
  • The writing quality is excellent.
  • For a near-dedicated picture printer, it’s quick.
  • Rolls of paper are used to make prints.
  • During testing, the rear paper feeder was frequently unreliable.
  • Graphics quality is average for a photographic printer.
  • In certain photographs, there is a tinting effect.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100

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The Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100 Printer is developed for expert filmmakers and graphic designers, and it creates outstanding black-and-white printouts with deep blacks, precise gradations, and a broad color spectrum that correctly replicates even the most challenging hues. Color constancy is ensured with a built-in multi-sensor, and the accompanying Data Management Console Software allows you to adjust and manage up to 50 PRO Series printers. Furthermore, because matte-black and photo-black inks each have their specialized nozzles, there is no need to switch between them when publishing on different types of media like glossy and fine-art sheets.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 – Features

  • With a maximum resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, the PF-10 print head delivers professional-grade printing.
  • 1.28Large “Anti-clogging FINE technology is included in the print head, which has 18,432 nozzles.
  • Users can add a roll of various media sizes and types using the dual-roll feeding system.
  • The sub-ink tank technology takes all of the ink from the tank before it has to be replaced, ensuring that no ink is wasted.
  • Empty tanks can be changed without shutting down the printer.
  • The color LCD touchscreen has a size of 4.3 inches “It’s also smartphone-like in terms of usage.



  • A cost-effective way to print A3+ photos.
  • Print life is good with UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 colored inks.
  • Designed to work with glossy media.
  • B&W performance is acceptable.
  • The quality of built-in profiles varies.

Can a Good Quality Art Printer for Canvas Be Affordable?

An art printer for canvas can be any piece of equipment that is used to print digital images on a flat surface, like a sheet or large roll of canvas. Since the advent of computer imagery and printing technology, the employment of an art printer for canvas has been made increasingly popular in homes and businesses around the globe. The price of a canvas printer can vary wildly, depending on the size of the printer, features, and additional equipment.

The price of an art printer for canvas can range from as little as $499 US Dollars (USD) to thousands. This may lead many people to be skeptical about whether or not a quality art printer can be affordable or not. Fortunately, there are plenty of models of the best canvas printer that are reasonably priced and still offer some great benefits and features.

Why should you go for Printers For Canvas?

Printing your images on canvas is an excellent way to decorate your house with something personal and at the same time, save some bucks in the process. There are several printers available in the market for printing canvas. Printers For Canvas can come both as separate units or integrated into a photo printer, but they have certain advantages that make them perfect for printing your canvas.

Printing on canvas is one of the cheapest ways to make wall art. If you do not care to have an original piece, then a good quality printer can produce amazing prints which will look just like originals with just a few color corrections and no physical stretching or glazing. The satin-matte texture of the best canvas printers, on the other hand, makes them ideal for framing and hanging, and the satin finish produces a particular kind of glow that might be just what you need to brighten up your walls.

Laser or Inkjet?

best printer for canvas - laser or Inkjet
Laser vs Inkjet

If you’re looking to print on anything from T-shirts to mugs, there is one printing process that stands out as more versatile and dependable than all the rest: inkjet. The reason why? Inkjet printers can lay down just about any type of liquid substance: ink, paint, or even germs. Static electricity is the key phenomenon that occurs to obtain the images and words on the paper, even though it’s termed a laser printer.

Inkjet printers cannot print as quickly as laser printers. Most come with high-capacity paper slots, allowing them to print more papers in a given amount of time. Because laser printers do not print color photographs as well as inkjet printers, we advise using inkjet printers for canvases.

What are the features to be considered?

best printers for canvas - features to be considered

Canvas printers are very different from the home printers found in every computer store. To find a good canvas printer, there are some features to consider. You’ll find the full list below.

Printing Size 

Generally speaking, when you print on canvas, these print areas will be larger than regular A4 paper. To print for these different canvases, it is important to have a printer that can print on large surfaces.

To get an idea, the Canon Pixma Pro-100 wireless printer can print on surfaces up to 13″ x 13″.

Maximum Resolution

To make your photographs and paintings on canvas vivid and perfect, it is essential to choose a printer with a very high resolution. The Canon IP8720 wireless printer, for example, has a maximum resolution of 9600×2400 dpi, i.e. droplets per inch.

Canvas Thickness 

Before buying a canvas printer it is important to know what type of canvas we will be printing on.

In general, manufacturers give a weight to their canvas but this does not directly indicate the thickness or strength of the canvas since the density can be changed depending on its manufacture.

If you don’t choose the right thickness of paper, it can jam or burn out your printer’s motor. The most important parameter is the thickness of the fabric.

Generally speaking, canvas papers of less than 120 gsm are considered to be of low quality, while high quality canvas papers are greater than 300 gsm.

Here is a conversion table to convert weight (in pounds) to grams per square meter (noted gsm):

20lb Bond/ 50lb Offset75 gsm
24lb Bond/ 60lb Offset 90 gsm
28lb Bond/ 70lb Offset105 gsm
32lb Bond/ 80lb Offset120 gsm
50lb Book/Text/Offset75 gsm
60lb Book/Text/Offset90 gsm
70lb Book/Text/Offset 105 gsm
80lb Book/Text/Offset120 gsm
100lb Book/Text/Offset150 gsm
65lb Cover175 gsm
80lb Cover 215 gsm
100lb Cover 270 gsm
130 lb Cover350 gsm
Conversion Table

1 lb. of Cover paper = 2.708 gsm. Multiply each pound of cover paper by 2.708.

If you are looking for high quality sheets, I would recommend the Inkpress Stretchable:

Ink Type/Quantity

The more individual ink cartridges in a printer, the better the print quality. The optimal number is 10 ink cartridges. With this you will have more color options and your paintings and photographs will be detailed (whether they are in black and white or color).

You should also use an ICC color profile to get prints that match your monitor. This translates the RGB pixels of your monitor into the CMYK inks of your printer.


Nowadays, most printers or other devices connected to our computer are wireless. Canvas printers are no exception to this rule. The printers presented in this article are mostly wireless and it is possible to connect them with different devices like smartphones, tablets or computers via Wi-Fi.

Some even offer a connection with Airprint or Google Cloud Print; you can print your photos while you are at the other end of the world!

The secondary benefit is that these devices don’t necessarily need to be placed in the same place as the computer so if you have a small office it can be interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a home printer to print on canvas?

It is entirely possible to print on canvas with an inkjet printer, but if you want your prints to be flawless it is recommended that you use printers designed for canvas. These printers come with specially enhanced inks that come in sets of 7 or 9 colors, whereas a conventional printer will have 3 or 4 colors at most.

How much does a canvas printer cost?

In general, canvas printers cost more than home printers. But this high price is due to the fact that canvas printers are larger than conventional printers and have better ink quality and maximum resolution.

You can find canvas printers starting at $500.

What are the best canvas printer brands?

There are 3 brands that share the market namely Epson, HP and Canon. These brands are reputable and you can trust the product that it makes.

Final Thoughts

If you print a lot of canvas for your home decoration or work, your best choice is to invest in a canvas printer. These printers contain all the features needed to print on different canvases. They make your photographs and artwork look more vivid and realistic.

Thank you very much for reading this article on the best canvas printers.

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