Boosting league of legends – Elo boost

By ayed_amira , on 02/11/2020 , updated on 09/10/2020 - 2 minutes to read
boosting league of legend

Boosting league of legends:

Boosting in league of legends is when an expert player logs into the account of another player who wishes to upgrade his account, either in terms of items won or rank. This principle has been widely developed in recent years with the arrival of games such as League of Legends or Fornite. But why would a player want to do this?

Here are the 2 main reasons for elo boosting:

  • To reach the desired rank quickly. The experienced player will have a better victory rate which will allow him to climb the account faster. In general, people feel that they deserve a better level and therefore want to get to the division to see if they are able to maintain the level.
  • Observe the expert player: By observing the expert player, the person can learn from these techniques. It allows to see how he manages to create the difference so that he doesn’t make the same mistake during his next games. It also gives him advice on his current game so that he can become a better player.

Here are 3 websites that allow you to find yourself a coach on the league of legend :


On these websites, prices are between 10$ and 20$ for one hour of coaching. Most of these sites use VPNs to connect to your account to prevent your account from being banned.

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