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By ayed_amira , on 03/19/2020 , updated on 09/10/2020 - 4 minutes to read
data science podcast

One of the best ways to learn new things and cultivate curiosity are podcasts. We can listen to them anywhere and they are increasingly available on streaming platforms such as apple music or spotify.

As the world of data science is constantly evolving, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technologies or innovations so as not to fall behind in these ever-changing times.

I’m going to present 11 podcasts that I think are worth listening to if you’re passionate about this field! Good listening ! 🙂

Data science Podcast

Toward Data Science

This podcast has been produced by the TDS team, which has one of the largest data science publications on Medium, their podcasts share ideas, concepts and open source code on data science. Each week, a different expert in the field presents, where they share tips, experiences and ideas.

Data Crunch

Data Crunch is a podcast for people who are passionate about data science, AI, ML and want to learn more about its impact on the world and how it is used in all areas of society, from medicine to finance. This podcast usually features experts who share their experiences in handling this fascinating technology.

Super Data Science

The road to becoming a Data Scientist can be long and winding, and it can be difficult to find the motivation to do so. Host Kirill Eremenko understands this and in this podcast he tries to generate this motivation through short episodes as well as longer and inspiring interviews with experts in the field. In addition to the scientific component, he discusses more personal topics with his guests: lessons learned, mistakes made and career choices made. To date there are more than 340 episodes on the program.

Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic offers weekly articles on how to better understand our data-driven world as well as perspectives on topics such as statistics, ML, large data, AI and data science.

Data Stories

Podcast entirely dedicated to Data Storytelling and Data Visualisation. Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner tell us a variety of stories that have Data in common and the way they explain what they are saying!


Presented by DataCamp and Hugo Bowne-Anderson, this podcast addresses the question of what types of problems data science can actually solve rather than explaining what data science is.

Data Science at Home

Data Science at Home offers you interesting discussions and thought-provoking questions about technology, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. A perfect example is this podcast series on the dark side of AI.

Linear Digression

Linear Digressions presents the most atypical applications of the Learning Machine and Statistics. They also cut out complex Data Science problems that can be appreciated by any kind of listener.

Data Engineering Podcast

This podcast offers summaries of data management with the engineers and entrepreneurs who are shaping the industry. This podcast is best suited for experts and those already in the field.

Not So Standard Deviations

This podcast series focuses on new developments in data science and data analysis in academia and industry, which are crucial when working in the field.

Making Data Simple

This podcast presents the latest developments in data, AI and impact for businesses around the world. It is hosted by AI Martin, vice president of data and AI development at IBM.

With these different podcasts, you will learn many new things in the field of data science. I hope you will enjoy their contents! You can also find other areas of expertise on streaming sites such as spotify :


Don’t hesitate to tell me if you know of any other interesting podcasts in this exciting field! 🙂

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