Jupyter notebook windows

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jupyter notebook

Today we will see how to install jupyter notebook to use python on a windows computer. Jupyter notebooks are electronic notebooks that can gather text, images, mathematical formulas and executable computer code. They can be manipulated interactively in a web browser. Developed for the languages Julia, Python and R (hence the name JUPYTER), it is now available for about forty programming languages.

How to install Jupyter notebook on windows?

If you have never installed Python, then there is a method that will install Python, all the necessary libraries (the main data science libraries) and the Jupyter notebook directly. 🙂

1. Install Jupyter + python

jupyter notebook windows

If you have never installed Python, then you might as well install the Anaconda distribution directly. This is what we will do in this section.

So Anaconda is a Python distribution, made for Data Science.

He will therefore install :

  • The main Data Science libraries we’ll need: Matplotlib, Numpy, Scipy and Pandas
  • the Jupyter notebook, which is highly recommended when you want to carry out a data science project.

To download the Anaconda distribution, just go to the official website : Download Anaconda

  • Download the installation file for Windows, then launch it by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  • Answer the questions you are asked. Default options are generally acceptable, no need to change them. Once the installation is complete, check that everything went well by running the Jupyter program

To launch the Jupyter program :

Launch Anaconda Navigator by looking for it in the programs (depending on the version of Windows, you will probably find it by clicking Start > (Programs) > Anaconda > Anaconda Navigator.

2. Installing the Jupyter notebook without Anaconda

If you have not installed Anaconda, there is a second method to install Jupyter. You must first have installed python and then make sure that the pip program has been installed on the machine. To check this, simply type the pip command in the windows terminal :

python -m pip install --upgrade pip    
python -m pip install jupyter

You can check that the installation has been completed by typing the following command:

jupyter notebook

You should see the skirt interface appear ! (it’s great isn’t it ? :D)

I hope this tutorial has helped you with the installation of skirt in the Windows environment. If you’re interested in other articles about python or data science, I suggest you to have a look at the Learning section of the site!


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