Website Traffic – June 2020

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Website Traffic : This is the traffic and the news of the website for June 2020 !

Website Traffic – June 2020

For this month, the site continued to increase its traffic even if I published a lot of articles than usual.

Number of visitors

Website Traffic June 2020

Traffic in number of users increased by 10%. The increase is less important than last months explained by the end of testing of facebook advertising campaigns. On average this represents about 55 users per day during the month of June.

Acquisition traffic

Acquisition traffic June 2020

We can see in the graph below that organic search traffic has increased by 50% compared to May 2020. The end of the facebook advertising campaigns has strongly reduced the traffic coming from social media. Organic search has fortunately compensated for this decrease this month.

Where my Traffic Comes From

The ranking has barely changed since last month, with almost a quarter of the visitors coming from the united states. On my June traffic, 101 countries are represented, 3 more than last month.


  • traffic up 10% vs. May 2020
  • With an average of 55 users per day ( with a peak of 93 users on June 30th)
  • An increasingly international site : 101 countries where my visitors come from

These data are provided by google analytics, if you want to know more about the tool I advise you to read this book (As an Amazon Partner, I make a profit on qualifying purchases) :

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