Website Traffic – MAY 2020

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Website Traffic : This is the traffic and the news of the website for May 2020 !

Creation of the Facebook page

During the month of May, I decided to create my own facebook page so that people interested in what I do on the website can access the new content published on my website.

For what are interested here is the link of the page ( Feel free to like the page) :

Facebook Page

I publish some of my articles but also some funny contents in the theme of programming

Website Traffic – May 2020

This month, I tried to test the use of facebook advertising campaigns to generate traffic to my website (I assure you I spent very little money on it:)). It’s interesting to see how facebook advertising works and how much traffic it can generate.

Number of visitors

Number of visitors - website traffic - may 2020

This month again the traffic has been multiplied by 3 (boosted slightly by the facebook campaigns which we will see the effect afterwards with the traffic by traffic source). The site attracts more and more people and my positioning by Google and Bing keeps improving.

Acquisition traffic

Acquisition traffic website - May 2020

As you can see, the proportion of social networks has strongly increased compared to the previous month mainly due to the facebook advertising campaigns I tested during this month (this represents around 300 more users).

If we only take into account the traffic in organic search the increase is still high with a 150% increase in traffic compared to April 2020 (My work on SEO really bears these fruits!).

Where my Traffic Comes From

A third of my visitors come from the United States. The top 3 has not changed since last month with India and France in second and third place respectively. My site has been consulted in almost 98 countries (+27 vs. April 2020). This is really impressive for me!


  • A traffic multiplied by 3 since April.
  • With an average of 50 users per day ( with a peak of 136 users on May 9th)
  • An increasingly international site : 97 countries where my visitors come from

These data are provided by google analytics, if you want to know more about the tool I advise you to read this book (As an Amazon Partner, I make a profit on qualifying purchases) :

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