What is Google Dataset Search

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What is Google Dataset Search ?

At the end of January, the company Google made available a new tool designed to help researchers to find immediately and freely available online data: Google Dataset Search. This tool has just been released of its beta version.

This project, launched in 2018, which attempts to aggregate data online in an open access environment, has indexed more than 25 million data sets, providing us with all kinds of information. Just fill in the search bar with the data you would like to have and the search bar will analyze all the data sets that seem relevant. These results can be filtered according to the type of data you wish to have (textual data, images, tables etc…). Most of the data published on the tool concern biology, agriculture, meteorology or geosciences.

An example with the keyword “android application” :

google dataset search
Example with the keyword “application android

As you can see on this example, you can see on the left the different results according to their relevance according to the keyword entered.

With this tool, we could enrich our machine learning projects (with the example below, we could try to predict the number of downloads of android applications).

If you want to know more about automatic learning, I advise you to go and see on this subject: What is Machine learning ?

You can access this tool at the following address: Link

The tool is also available on mobile phones (iOS and android).


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