Worldwide Smartphone Marketshare in 2019

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smartphone marketshare 2019

Worldwide Smartphone Marketshare in 2019 : Samsung remains the leader once again this year with an increase in the number of smartphones shipped of 1.3% year over year. In Q4 2019, there is a slight decrease of 0.7% compared to Q4 2018, pending the arrival of the new Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra range, which should boost sales in Q1 2020

Huawei remains second over the whole year ahead of Apple with a significant increase (240.5 million smartphones shipped compared to 205.8 million, an increase of +17% compared to 2018). Huawei was able to count on its sales in China to partially offset the losses generated by the application of the Trump decree in May 2019. Unfortunately for the Chinese company, Q4 2019 was slightly disappointing, especially with the return of Apple, whose sales helped place the Cupertino firm in first place among manufacturers in Q4 2019 (ahead of Samsung and Huawei). The year 2020 looks very gloomy for the Chinese manufacturer whose new releases will be deprived of the services offered by google (this is the case for example of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro).

The third place is occupied by Apple, whose sales are down by 4.3% compared to 2018. The decline is much less sustained in the last Q4 2020.

The fourth place is occupied by Xiaomi which shows a growth of 23% in Q4 2019 (33 million smartphones sold against 26 million) and 4% over the year (124.8 million smartphones sold against 119.3 million). Finally, Oppo is maintaining its sales figures and market share from last year.

Global Smartphone Vendor Shipments and Marketshare

The 5 largest manufacturers capture nearly 70% of the market share, which leaves little room for the rest of the mobile manufacturers.

Global Smartphone Marketshare by Company

Overall, the smartphone market is in the green with sales up 0.8% year over year, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

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