YUM Install Specific Version of Package

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YUM Install Specific Version

Yum uses repositories, which are, as the name suggests, repositories that hold a set of software. Each repository must be added to Yum’s configuration to be used.

By default, yum installs the latest version of a package from all versions available in the enabled repositories.

For some of your projects, it is interesting to install not the latest version of a package, but a specific version or to downgrade the already installed package to an older version.

This article explains how to make yum list all available versions of a given package and how to ask it to install the package in question.

YUM List All Versions Of The Package

To display all versions of a package available in activated repositories, execute the following command :

$ yum list <package_name> --showduplicates

Try to do it with a package that you need to get all these versions back.

YUM Install Specific Version Of Package

If you need to install a specific version of a package, you can run this command:

$ sudo yum install <package_name>-<version_info>

Force Yum To Downgrade Package

If you have already installed the latest version of a package, but you want to downgrade it to a particular version that’s older, you can run this command: :

$ sudo yum downgrade <package_name>-<version_info>

If you need more information about YUM, please visit this site.

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